Droit - L3 : Constitutional and Administrative Law of the United Kingdom and Ireland FFB

L3 droit parcours entreprise,
L3 droit parcours judiciaire,
L3 droit parcours privé,
L3 droit parcours public,
L3 droit parcours science politique,
L3 droit parcours Europe.

This course is organised in four parts. In the first one, the sources of the British constitution and the fundamental concepts (parliamentary sovereignty, rule of law, separation of powers) it relies on are considered. In the second one, the structure and the role of the government in the United Kingdom are exposed. In the third one, eventually, the relationships between the individual and the State are dealt with through the study of judicial review of administrative action. The fourth part is dedicated to the study of the Irish constitutional institutions and the way they interact under a written constitution.


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