Droit - L3 : TORTS & CONTRACTS Filière franco-britannique

L3 droit parcours entreprise,
L3 droit parcours judiciaire,
L3 droit parcours privé,
L3 droit parcours public,
L3 droit parcours science politique.


Course description : 24h CM

Taught by : Derek Wilson LL.B (Hons), Dip.LP, Enrolled Solicitor (Scotland, UK), PRCE (France)

This class covers general concepts in these areas of law in English-speaking, Common Law countries, which use the adversarial system. The class covers the historical position and then the formation of contracts and remedies for breach.The classes on the law of tort cover general principles from a comparative perspective and the tort of negligence and specific torts, as well as defences.

Evaluation is by written exam (1h) or oral exam (depending on class size).

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