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Parution - The Evolving Protection of Prisoners’ Rights in Europe

  • Du 30 décembre 2022 au 31 mars 2023
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Gaëtan Cliquennois (édit)

1st Edition  The Evolving Protection of Prisoners’ Rights in Europe
The Evolving Protection of Prisoners’ Rights in Europe explores the development of the framing of penal and prison policies by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), clarifying the European expectations of national authorities, and describing the various models existing in Europe, with a view to analysing their mechanisms and highlighting those that seem the most suitable.

A new frame of penal and prison policies in Europe has been progressively established by the ECHR and the Council of Europe (CoE) to protect the rights of detainees in Europe. European countries have reacted very diversely to these policies. This book has several key benefits for readers:

• A global and detailed overview of the ECHR jurisprudence on penal and prison policies through an analysis of its development over time.

• An analysis of the interactions between the Strasbourg Court and the CoE bodies (Committee of Ministers, Committee for the Prevention of Torture …) and their reinforced framing of domestic penal and prison policies.
• A detailed examination of the impacts of the European case law on penal and prison policies within ten nation states in Europe (including Romania which is currently very underresearched).
• A robust engagement with the diverse national reactions to this European case law as a policy strategy.

This book will be of great interest to scholars and students of Law, Criminal Justice, Criminology and Sociology. It will also appeal to civil servants (judges, lawyers, etc.), professionals and policymakers working for the CoE, the European Union, and the United Nations; Ministries of Justice; prison departments; and human rights institutions, as well as activists working for INGOs and NGOs.

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